What happened to the USB?

We want to give you access to the video as soon as possible, without the wait of further production. Also, the downloadable video allows for playback on all devices, from phones to tablets, without the need to find a computer with a USB port first. That aside, everyone struggling to find the right charging cable will know the feeling of constantly changing connection types ;)

Download & Format

The video file is 3.94 GB and may take a while to download, depending on your internet connection!

We use the HEVC format (also known as H.265), which delivers better image quality at a smaller download size and is compatible with most modern devices. If this video should not play on your personal device or TV, however, we will supply a more compatible H264 format video.

Should you encounter any issues with the download, please let us know by email: abda@vaganova.com.au

We hope you enjoy the performance!